ISEC - Coimbra Institute of Engineering (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra) is increasing the international relations with other European universities within Erasmus Lifelong Learning Program (from 2014-2015 within Erasmus+ Program). This work is conducted toward student’s and teacher’s mobility as well.

By choosing a host institution you’re exercise the option for the best way capable of giving continuity to your personal project. ISEC offers a very large choice of learning opportunities covering a multiplicity of engineering areas. 
The main language of instruction at ISEC is Portuguese. However, in special situations, when the number of foreign students justifies it and there is availability of resources, a class taught in English can be created. Some of the courses may have tutorial support in English.

Academic Calendar:
Autumn (winter) Semester- September to February
Spring (summer) Semester- February  to July

Academic Calendar 2020-2021 (Bachelor & Master degrees)

Academic Calendar 2019-2020 (Bachelor degree)
Academic Calendar 2019-2020 (Master degree)

Academic Calendar 2018-2019 (Bachelor degree)
Academic Calendar 2018-2019 (Master degree)

Academic Calendar 2017/2018 (Bachelor degree)
Academic Calendar 2017/2018 (Master degree)


Code Curso Course
9123 Engenharia Mecânica Mechanical Engineering
9109 Engenharia Eletrotécnica Electrical Engineering
9105 Engenharia Electromecânica Electromecanical Engineering
9089 Engenharia Civil Civil Engineering
9119 Engenharia Informática Informatics Engineering
9133 Engenharia Biomédica Biomedical Engineering
9540 Bioengenharia Bioengineering
9104 Engenharia e Gestão Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management
9155 Gestão Sustentável das Cidades Sustainable City Management

Master Courses (During the evening - 05:30pm to 00:00am)

Code Curso Course
6361 Engenharia Mecânica Mechanical Engineering
6778 Engenharia Electrotécnica Electrical Engineering
6786 Engenharia Eletromecânica Electromechanical Engineering
6673 Engenharia Civil Civil Engineering
6901 Informática e Sistemas Informatics and Systems
6648 Instrumentação Biomédica Biomedical Instrumentation
6531 Engenharia Química e Biológica Chemical and Biological Engineering
6420 Engenharia e Gestão Industrial Engineering and Industrial Management
6590 Mestrado Erasmus Mundus em Mobilidade Elétrica e Sistemas de Energia Erasmus Mundus Master in SustainableTransportation and Electrical Power Systems

Foreign Languages Courses

Code Disciplina Subject ECTS Term
977048 Língua e Cultura Portuguesa Portuguese Language & Culture 6 Winter
912312 Inglês Technical English 3 Spring
977061 Inglês I English I 2 Winter
977071 Inglês II English II 2 Spring
977151 Inglês III English III 2 Winter
977161 Inglês IV English IV 2 Spring
977006* Língua Estrangeira I - Alemão I ou Francês I Foreign Language I - German I or French I 3 Winter
977007* Língua Estrangeira II - Alemão II ou Francês II Foreign Language II - German II or French II 3 Spring
977015* Língua Estrangeira III - Alemão III ou Francês III Foreign Language III - German III or French III 3 Winter
977016* Língua Estrangeira IV - Alemão IV ou Francês IV Foreign Language IV - German IV or French IV 3 Spring

*Foreign Languages (Levels I, II, III, IV) – the applicants will be informed, after arrival, which level and which subject language (German or French) will be available.


For Applications:
Autumn (winter) Semester - 5th May 
Spring (summer) Semester - 01st November

Nominations must be sent to by the Universities.

Acceptance Conditions:
Certificate of English Level B1 minimum (except for Spanish students).



» Erasmus+ Students


» Non-European Students (Out of Erasmus Program)  



~We suggest that you to book a room in a hostel for the first days. Coimbra has a large number of apartment’s to rent (with prices around 120€/250€ or >) that you may visit after your arrival.


Please send the application documents, duly signed, to You may bring the hard copies with you.

ISEC address:

  • Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra 
    Gabinete de Relações Internacionais
    Rua Pedro Nunes - Quinta da Nora 
    3030-199 COIMBRA 



»» STUDENT GUIDE  |  VISA and additional Information

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Incoming Students must provide themselves with a proper heath and civil responsibility insurance to Portugal. We also suggest that you should be insured against accidents. 

18 -20 – Excellent; 16, 17-Very Good; 14, 15-Good 10-13-Sufficient - The result achieved in a subject, whether through continuous assessment or in an examination, is generally expressed in a 0 to 20 grading scheme. The lowest passing grade is 10. 

Some ISEC Departments are provided with Elevators or Special Access (Wheelchair). ISEC Campus also has lower-floor and ramps access.


Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra – Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra

Coimbra Institute of Engineering – Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra

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Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra 
Gabinete de Relações Internacionais
Rua Pedro Nunes - Quinta da Nora 
3030-199 COIMBRA 

Head of Institution

Prof. Mário Velindro

International Relations Office (GRI)

ISEC Coordinator

Contact Person
Phone (institutional)


Prof. Luís Castro

Ms. Dália Pires
+ 351 239 790 206 
+ 351 239 790 201

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If you have some question, we will be pleased to help you.
Do not hesitate to contact the ISEC for further information.

Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra 
Gabinete de Relações Internacionais
Rua Pedro Nunes - Quinta da Nora 
3030-199 COIMBRA 
Phone: +351 237 790 206